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Europe’s landscape is diverse and is a major agricultural area producing all kinds of products. Paper is one of the products that are produced on a large scale in Europe. The paper industry in Europe is witnessing an all-time growth today. Europe’s forests are full of eucalyptus trees which are mainly used for paper production. The abundance of these trees is causing a surplus in paper production. Also, at the same time, European countries heavily investing in the recycling of paper to reduce the production of new and virgin paper. This is primarily because the handmade and recycled paper is in high demand worldwide.


How European Countries, fits in paper business

A4 paper is mainly used for printing official papers, letters, and documents around the world. People do not completely depend on digitized files and still store documents in the paper format.


However, not all countries have such a high production rate of paper like European countries. Eucalyptus and other trees which are mainly used for paper production are available in abundance, and that is one of the main reasons why European countries are major producers of paper and paper products.

The Right Choice

The paper market in Europe is very creative as well. Apart from virgin and recyclable paper, even hand-made paper is available at a cost-effective price. This paper is mainly used for gift wrapping and greeting cards. So, you can avail cheap A4 paper and other paper products for export from Europe and sell it to consumers in your chosen country at attractive prices.