Cotton has always played a very important role in the Indian economy and the country’s export industry is mainly cotton based. Cotton export from India is one of the largest industries in the world and only second to China. Being the second largest cotton exporter, Indian cotton textiles are exported to major countries like USA, the UK, Australia and more. Out of all the cotton that is exported the one produced in South India is highly in demand across the world.


Why Cotton Export from India?

Indian cotton is the best in quality and high in production. Most of the Indians depend on the cotton industry for their living and also wearing their everyday clothes. Cotton export from India can be very beneficial for business people in the industry.

Cotton is a type of fabric that will never go out of fashion as it is versatile. It is not only used for its longevity, but also because it is very fashionable. If people want cotton then India is the right place to shop for it.

What type of Cotton to Export from India? 


There are many of types of cotton available in India to export. From fine high thread count cotton to soft linen type material, everything is available in India. The best way to choose the right kind of fabric is by educating yourself about the popular types of cotton and knowing what type of cotton your target audience (customers) want.

Indian material is very versatile and long-lasting. If investing in the Indian cotton industry then choose the right supplier to deliver your needs and ensure your export needs are fulfilled. As a business in cotton, it is very easy to flourish.