Garment export from India

India is the land of cotton and other textiles and has always been a leader of exports in the garment industry. Garment export from India is very easy if you know ‘how to’ of the game. Indian garments are in demand worldwide because they are of superior quality and are also handmade. India has remained ahead of the game in the garment industry because of the high production of cotton and silk.


Export superior quality garments

Garments export from India can be easily done by sourcing from the right suppliers. The majority of the suppliers are from places like Coimbatore and Trichy in the south of India and in the north it is Chandigarh. Finding the right supplier from these places can propel your garment export business. The prices are low and Indian manufacturers charge much lower than the western ones.


Choice of garment

Of all the garments, Indian handmade garments are in high demand because of their fine embroidery and design skills. While different types of cotton are available in the Indian market, fine handmade garments are on higher demand. Today, Indian clothing like ‘Kurtis’ and ‘Salwars’ for men and women are very high on fashion. These are finely embroidered and sport very good designs suited for the western world. They are excellent summer and winter wear and come across as trendy and chic attire.