With increasing green awareness, health-conscious people, and soaring fuel prices, the global bicycle industry is booming. India is the next bicycle destination, as there are several exporters in India. Cycles export from India has seen an all-time rise in the business. Cycles have a special place in everybody’s heart because of the associated childhood memories. Today, there are several men and women who prefer cycling their way to work and other places, rather than using a car or a bike.

Why is there a demand for cycles?



The demand for cycles has been increasing over the last decade due to the ease of use. Cycles export from India has taken a new dimension altogether because of the high demand from the international and local market.

In metropolitan cities of India, people depend on this easy and cheap transportation mode. One is because it is convenient, and the other is because it is also a good exercise machine.



For children, who are cooped up in their homes most of the time, cycling is a good exercising option. Almost, every parent tends to invest in a cycle for their child at some point or the other.

However, the main reason for a surge in demand for cycles in urban areas is eco-consciousness. People are becoming more aware of pollution due to vehicles and are resorting to using cycles to do their bit to combat pollution in cities and towns


Cycles are a great way to explore a city or a neighborhood. Cycles export from India provides great options for the bikes in the country. There are plenty of reliable and reputable brands out there to choose and export.