Processed Food & Machinery Export

The varied regional climate along with the rich agrarian culture in India has significantly contributed to the global food basket across the world. Right from delicious Indian curries to spicy snacks, spices, mangoes, and so more –there is a myriad of processed foods that are exported to different corners of the world. For the small-scale as well as medium-scale business enterprises out there dealing in the manufacturing & packaging of processed foods in India, we aim at providing professional support with our export services. In addition to the export of high-quality processed foods, we are also a reliable sourcing service provider of high-end machinery from India to different parts of the world.

Right sourcing solution for every business

At Mercer, we deal in professional import as well as export services of processed foods as well as machinery to & from India across the entire globe. Right from the inspection of the goods to their secure transportation, dealing with customs, compliance regulations, and so more, we help novice, as well as seasoned business players, amplify their overall profits.

By coming across the right sourcing solution for every business out there –Mercer helps its clients with a set of highly personalized needs for every unique requirement. Our experts can help you get the complete benefits of international importing as well as exporting of processed foods & machinery to & from India. Take your local business to another level by doing away with the hassles of import & export services.